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The Takhi Horses of Hustai Park

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We will meet in the morning at 10 AM at Chez Bernard Caf. From here we leave for Khustai Nuruu National Park located about 100 km southwest from Ulaanbaatar. It was established in 1993 and protects today the Takhi, the Mongolian's wild horses, also known as the Przewalski horses.

The Takhi became extinct in the middle of the 20th century. They then could only be found in the zoos. Special breeding programs increased their numbers. From 1993, with the assistance from international environmental agencies, the Takhi horses were reintroduced in Mongolia. Today there are about 150 Takhi horses in Khustai.

After arrival at the camp of the Khustai Nuruu National Park we will meet the staff of the park and be introduced to the project. In the afternoon we will explore the beauties of the Park by jeep, on food or on horseback.

At the end of the afternoon we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar.


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