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Ulaan Batar, Mongolia

Franais - Deutch

1st day

We will meet in the morning at 10 AM at Chez Bernard Caf. From here we will leave Ulaanbaatar for the countryside. Our first stop will be 5 hours westwards to the foothills of the Khogno Khan Mountains. It is an impressive massif in the open steppes. Not far from here runs the Tasarkhai Els, a 100 km long sand dune.

We will visit the nice little Uvgun Monastery. Those who want will have the opportunity to climb the sand dunes or to walk up the mountain and enjoy the incredible view over the plains, the sand dune and grasslands.

2nd day

After breakfast, we will continue driving westward in the direction of Kharkhorin (also called Karakorin, 3 hours driving), site of the 13th century capital of the Mongolian Empire created by Chinggis Khan. Very little is left from this legendary city. In the 16th century, Mongolia's biggest Monastery was build from the ruins of Kharkhorin. Now Erdene Zuu Monastery is all that remains of what once was a huge monastery of 100 temples and about 1.000 lamas residencing there.

We will explore the grounds of Erdene Zuu Monastery surrounded by its massive 400 m X 400 m walls. We will be guided around the 3 remaining temples: Dalai Lama, Zuu of Buddha and Lavrin Temple. We will also see the Turtle Rock and the Phallic Rock.

We will overnight in a ger camp

3rd day

Today we will head northwards (80 km, 3 - 4 hours) to the ruins of the Khar Balgas Citadel. It was founded in 751 as the capital of the Uiighur khanate. Today only fragments of the outer walls and the Buddhist stupa remain.

On the way we will see the Sanhiid Monastery and stop in a Mongolian family.

We will reach Ulaanbaatar at the end of the day.



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